Channel Casimir, the brains and beauty behind the motivational brand “Complex Simplicity”, chops it up with Squirrel Rosenberg. It’s another Jewel filled podcast as Channel holds nothing back. Her journey begins growing up in the quintessential 2 parent, 2 child household. Mom was brutally honest; as a result of the difficult life she experienced growing up, whereas Dad is the more diplomatic, nurturing and loving type. “My dad is everything to me, he was the man who taught me how I should be treated, without having to verbally say it. He taught me with his actions.”, one of the many profound jewels dropped throughout this refreshing podcast. Listen as Channel shares her insecurities growing up taller and thicker than the other girls in middle and high school. However, with reassurance from her brother and family, she realized and owned her beauty. This gave her the confidence to forge her own lane and sense of fashion in college, which she revered. Ruled under the astrological sign of Leo, Channel speaks of her loyalty and bossy swagger which has propelled her to host her show, “Candid talk with Channel”. As a star to look out for, Channel Casimir harnesses a simple approach to navigate the complexity of life. Enjoy.